EU For The People

As Ireland demonstrated: The future of the EU is created according to the wishes of bureaucrats; ignoring voter`s decisions. Who doesn`t choose right is damned to vote until the vote suits. The Irish referendum is a fairly good example how within the EU democracy is sacrificed in order to set through the economic interests of powerful companies.
It might be suprising that politicians didn`t cry out about the Nice treaty and the EU policy obviously missing the will of the public. No, the only cry that came up was about the democratic vote restraining the EU machine. Such a reaction should not really suprise since it is demonstrated within the EU and worldwide that important developments and treaties i.e. the world trade agreement (WTO) are more and more decided about without consulting the democratic institutions. "The will" of whole nations about important issues is more and more constituted behind closed doors. That is why public interest is deminishing. This effect is welcomed by economic powers and politicians who are deliberately posing as puppets on a string of economic lobbygroups. In so far it is no surprise that to this day no European Constitution or let alone real democratic structures are existing and ever will. Not because its difficult to establish them now but because they where never wanted.

Companies rule the EU
That is no surprise as well since the idea of a European Economic Community was brought up by economic powers. A succesful strategy until this day: The true intentions of the ruling coalition of bureaucrats and lobbygroups are not discussed publicly for they know that for their real intentions they won`t find any majority. Important but hidden intentions are the real purpose of the EU like i.e. the establishing of EU troops designed not only to defend but to form the military arm of the EU countries in order to i.e. secure oilsupplies. Humanitarian issues like defending human rights form the smokescreen behind wich the intentions of European economic powers are carefully hidden. Within the workgroup concerning the EU military force there are civil servants, military consultans and diplomats but no democratically legitimized politicians.

Establish democracy
This is the reason why we started this campaign in order to establish democratic structures within the EU. We call for a referendum in the whole of the EU according to the Irish vote. Such a referendum would not only shine a light on the real opinion of the EU citizens but could be a starting point for a transformation of what is a "EU of companie`s economic interests" into a "EU For The People".

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