Who we are and what we want
We are a group of convinced democrats shocked by the EU heads of state´s anti-democratic reactions on the rejection of EU treaties by Irisch and Danish voters. We had to realize that the EU has said good-bye to democratic values and instead is dedicated to setting through the economical interests of huge companies - bluntly against the declared opinion of its population.

What we want

We aim at the introduction of democratic structures, parliamentarism, transparency and the primacy of policy over economy within the EU. What we call for is true parlamentarism within regions, nationwide and in whole of the EU going along with broadscale political discussion furthergoing than today´s party bound acceptance of treaties born in the heads of bureaucrats in backroom offices. In short terms: true participation of the population.
We call for the devolopment of a democratic european constitution, containing political aims and civil rights ranging over mere economical aims. Furthermore we claim the establishing of democratic, parliamentaristic structures - now, before further EU decisions or treaties are setting facts.
What we want is a EU-rope, solving problems like i. e. agriculture policy, protection of environment and social questions in the whole of the EU without becoming the all supervising "superpower".

What we don´t want

What we don´t want is the EU of today: A Union, realizing its dreams of being a superpower by all economic, military and political means at the expenses of other countries and people.
We don´t want a Union, making decisions about wellfare and chances of millions of people not only within the EU but worldwide in dubious circles with deliberately well hidden agendas.
We don´t want a Union ruthlessly setting through the aims of huge companies behind a smokescreen of humanitarian aims and what seems to be legitimate political aims, following their hidden purposes even if it takes military power i.e. the just founded EU troops not only serving for defense purposes but as the EU´s military arm for operations in crisis areas.

What we are not

We are not opposing a european cooperation. We are no nationalists despite our critical attitude towards the EU of today. We are not racistic - rather the opposite is true: our aim is a peaceful co-existence in Europe and worldwide under fair conditions for all people.
We strictly reject any nationalistic aims, which would be the exact opposite of what we want. We demand solidarity and support for the victims of political persecution and victims of economical globalisation of huge companies and their instrumentarium (WTO, World Bank, IMF and WEF) instead.

How we want to reach our aims

With our petition, demanding a EU wide referendum about the Nice treaty and further extra-parliamentaristic actions we want to set through the referendum at first, bring the deplorable state of affairs in the EU of today in public´s mind and initiate a broadscale public discussion about the future of the EU.
In following our targets we won´t allow ourselves being intimidated by the habit of EU heads of state to put democratic rights into question and abandon them - easily and widely without contradiction.
We won´t allow our right of demonstration and freedom of speech to be taken even in the name of the holy "European Unity" even if the greater part of the mainstream media in silent obediance is doing what they can to ignore protests and criticism in silent consensous with the mighty. Instead uncritical mass media is concentrating their news coverage on violent actions neglecting political impact and aims.
Our website is thought to make background information available in order to enable people to make up their minds and discuss the issue beyond prefabricated schemes and what EU officials would like people to think. For this purpose we also provide a mailinglist where members can publish ideas and information.

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